Algorithm Testing Tab

The algorithms have either been preprogrammed for the ELVEZ and LogicData use cases or designed as a flow diagram using the Editor Tab (Tab 1). Now the user can test the algorithms using the Algorithm Testing Tab (Tab 3). Test TabTest Tab

To test the algorithms, the user needs to perform the following actions:

  1. Select the image either from the hard-drive by pressing the button Open File or from the camera by pressing the button Grab Image.
  2. Select the template folder, if pre-programmed routines for the ELVEZ and LogicData use cases would be used.
  3. From the drop list select the name of the routine. The pre-programmed routines start either with LDT_ or with ELVEZ_ prefix. The flow diagrams start with the FLOW_ prefix. As soon as the flow diagram is saved for monitoring with the unique name (see description of the Editor Tab), it is added to the drop-down list in the Testing Tab.
  4. Press the button Test Algorithm and check the results.