Template Selector Tab

Template is a part (subimage) of the image, which is present and unchangeable in every input image. This region has to be chosen by the user. The Template Selector Tab will help the user to draw a bounding box around a template region such that it can be exported and subsequently be used by the Match Template module.

Template TabTemplate Tab

The template is used in the module Match Template and in all pre-programmed functions for ELVEZ and LogicData use cases. Match Template will search for the most likely region of the given template inside the given image. This is done by comparing the template with various regions inside the given image and inspect their similarity. Therefore, a suitable template should never change its appearance: it should never be rotated or occluded. To start the template selection, perform the following actions:

  1. Select the image either from the hard-drive by pressing the button Open File or from the camera by pressing the button Grab Image.
  2. Choose the folder, where the templates will be saved, by pressing the button Select Template Folder.
  3. Using the left mouse button place the magenta grid over the template region.
  4. Press Save Template and the subimage will be cropped from the input image and saved in the correspondent folder. Additionally, the information about the location of the template will be saved in the file template_data.csv, which will be placed in the same folder.