Finger Design Manual

Finger design

Design of fingers for industrial grippers is offered as a separate service. Fingers can be developed and tested for parallel (2-finger) or centric (3-finger) grippers, which can be electric or pneumatic actuated. The outcome of the design process is an optimal set of fingers for your application. To supply the needed data, fill out the finger design specification form. The form is designed in such a way, that it will guide you step by step through the specification process. Be sure to specify all the required data of your grasping task. It is very important to upload the correct CAD files representing the objects you want to handle with the gripper. If the gripper base is already chosen, please specify the correct model number, if not we will provide a suggestion based on the type and specifications of your task. The outcome of the finger design is the following:

  • CAD model (.stl or .stp) of the optimal finger shape,
  • data sheet specifying the designed fingers properties.