Using the ReconCell Model Library

VEROSIM contains an extensive Model Library that contains a number of assemblies. These include general constructive elements such as the cell beams, reconfigurable fixtures such as the hexapods and actors such as robots and tools. In addition, use case specific tools and workpieces complement the library. All these parts are grouped, so that they are easily identified. The general description on how to open the Model Library was already covered in the Getting started sections.


Library structure

Besides use case specific libraries (Elvez, LDT, PRZM) the essential models can be found in the libraries of Sensors, Equipment and Base.


Here you will mostly find optical sensors like cameras and laser scanners.

ReconCell Equipment

Models below this group include metal boxes to store assemblies and parts, clamps and vices, screwdrivers and equipment, pins and trolleys.

ReconCell Base

This group contains all those models that are the basic elements needed to build a ReconCell: cell beams, connectors, screws, heaxapods, robots and tool exchange systems.

Using library models

Before adding an object from the library to your model, you should select the particular node that the new model should be appended to. It will be appended to the childNodes reference list. The second step is to select the model from the library that you want to append. Just select one from the list and decide on how it should be added. There are several to choose from.


Create complete copy is the default and preferred setting. Using this will get a deep copy of the selected library model that you can make changes to. The alternative is Create reference which will create a model node that will point to the model in the library. Changes you make (and save) in referenced submodels will affect all other models that also refer to this submodel.

Insert with model node will make a copy in the filesystem and append a model node pointing to that copy.

The flag Use smart placement is generally useful. It will place the models at different positions and make sure there is no overlap.

In addition you can set Select object. The appended model will be selected directly after being added. Setting the Zoom to selection option will also place the camera close to that object.

Docking Ports

ReconCell library models are all equipped with docking ports. These docking ports are a user interface metaphor that allows point and click placement of model elements. The selection mode toolbar provides the needed action.


As soon as you activated the Point and Click object movement action, select an object from the model library. It will be selected and, additionaly, docking ports will be displayed. These are selectable as well. Select one and you will see other docking ports that the previous port can be combined with.


Select a second docking port and the first object will be relocated to the new position.


This way you can easily combine models from the Model Library and create complex workcell designs.