Teaching poses for robot movements

Robot movements are implemented by poses, pose lists and paths. The Teaching Panel in the Properties dock widget provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to teach poses.


Teaching poses

Select the robot, unfold the Teaching Panel and switch to the Cartesian Coordinates tab. You will find the Create pose widget at the bottom that will help you create a new pose list and add poses to this list. Either create a new Cartesian pose or a joint pose. While [Create new pose list] is selected as active pose list, the pose will be added to a new pose list.

Click the Create Cartesian pose button and the pose list PoseList #1 will be created containing the pose Pose 0. All poses in the pose list will also be visible in the render window.


For the next step, you will use the Gizmo. It is placed at the robot’s tool centerpoint and provides the same handles that you already know from the Modify frame widget.


Create a new pose and observe the added dot in the render widget.


Pose lists are closely linked to paths. You can create a path from a pose list by opening the context menu and clicking Create new path from this pose list.


This newly created path is then also available in database, specifically in the Explorer.