Provisioning of actions in a ROS network

Besides the client-side implementation of actions and services, VEROSIM implements services to operate a simulated ReconCell. This functionality is especially useful to test ActionBlock or SMACHA programs, since it allows you to create a virtual replica or a completely new design of a ReconCell. You do not need the hardware to test every little detail in your program, instead you execute it on the simulated workcell and analyze the outcome in a safe environment.

List of ActionServers


This action will move a robot to a new Cartesian pose on a linear path.


This action will move a robot to a new Cartesian pose. Instead of a linear path, the inverse kinematics for the new pose will be calculated and used as a PTP target for the robot motion. Thus, the robot performs a PTP movement.


This action will trigger a PTP movement of a robot. Joint positions will be passed as arguments that are the targets for the motion.

Configuration of actions

An ActionService can be established fairly easy. Add one of the above server implementations to your models or robots extension list and set the name of the action in the ROS Actionserver property.

../../../_images/ros_actionserverconfig.png ../../../_images/ros_actionserverdb.png

Set the SimpleRobotController reference below the server and run the simulation. You will see the topics of your service by calling rostopic list from the command line.