System Overview

INHANCER is a web-application which supports solution selling processes in a buyer driven business environment by using smart checklists, online questionnaires, machine learning etc., all based on the need of individual users and development parameters. Using the INHANCER for your business will improve the handling of huge pipelines for complex products, increase the quality lead generation, bring savings in sales costs, align sales and lead evaluation processes.

Organization of the manual

This user manual starts by presenting general information about INHANCER, such as an explanation of terms used on the application and contact information. It continues with the first steps to get started with the system, followed by a more in-depth description of the various functions it offers, such as:

  • Products
  • Projects
  • Project views
  • Profile section
  • Creating, editing, moving, sharing, reporting products / projects

All the sections can be seen in the Table of Contents and accessed directly by clicking on the desired subject.

Explanation of terms used in INHANCER

Menu terms

  • Product – Represent the product or solution which is going to be evaluated through the business and technical assessment process. In the Inhancer, when a product is created, the assessment criteria and relevant questions are created to be completed through the evaluation process.
  • Project – Projects represent each a potential lead, deal or the automation project which is being evaluated through the collaboration process. All Projects are visible by the product owners in the pipeline view where they have a clear overview on the project status. Yet, the customers (manufacturing companies) only have access to their corresponding project.
  • Project views (Pipeline / Grid view) – Includes a pipeline view and grid view which considering the user’s permission and access to data, gives an overview of the projects. The pipeline gives a graphical overview on the stratus of the projects and the development stage in the assessment process.
  • Profile section – The profile section provides all the required access to the profile setting. A user can modify the personal and contact information, change password etc. In addition, the system admin has access to the detailed system set up including coloring set-up, email text templates etc.
  • Info cards / Questionnaire – The Info cards or questionnaire provide a list of classified questions which represent the evaluation criteria for business and technical assessment of the projects. The questions are formed as form elements, regarding the type of information to be evaluated they can be formed differently. See the next section which describes the form elements’ types.

Form elements

  • Image – Add an image on a page (it is not linked to a specific question)
  • Video – Add a video on a page (it is not linked to a specific question)
  • Editor
  • Single / Multiple line – The answer of the question must be one / multiple lines
  • Integer – The answer type must be a numerical value without a decimal point
  • Floating point – The answer type must be a numerical number, which can contain digits after decimal point
  • Yes / No – The answer is either yes or no
  • Choose one / multiple texts – The answer type is choosing one / multiple texts
  • Choose one / multiple images – The answer type is choosing one / multiple images
  • Upload file / multiple files
  • Upload image / multiple images
  • Dimensions
  • Date – The answer type is a calendar date
  • Spread Sheet
  • Calculator

Organization of the manual embedded in the web-application pages

In addition to this document, the INHANCER user manual has been implemented into the pages of the web-application, under the help menu. Using video and visual material, it enables the user to have access to the most relevant information while working with the application.


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